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Awards, Acrylic Plaques, Award Trophies, Corporate Recognition, Employee Awards, Lucite Awards, Plexiglass Awards and Acrylic Trophies - for corporate recognition, achievement stars, remembrance and other award & recognition events. Laser engraved acrylic awards and personalized achievement awards for employee recognition, academic recognition, academic achievementbusiness awards, corporate recognition, non-profit benefits, recognition ceremonies, scholastic achievement and other events.

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View our growing selection of FULL COLOR PRINTED acrylic trophy awards, corporate recognition, business awards and acrylic award plaques. Corporate purchasing or personal engagement, looking for a single lucite award or many lucite awards we have the awards -- We do FULL COLOR GRADIENT AND PHOTO PRINTING!!!  Featured Acrylic Plaques Click Here!

Discounts for large orders: Corporate recognition awards, academic achievement awards, service awards, employee recognition and other acrylic award recognition trophies.  Acrylic awards - great for marketing and promotion. Clear Cut Awards are crafted from high-quality cast acrylic with great care for your business award event.  Order your awards and trophies from the greatest source of acrylic awards and trophies.
Featured Items
3 Star Oval Acrylic Award
3 Star Oval Acrylic Award Large new acrylic award, perfect for your star recipient. Large area for engraving this three star acrylic award is spectacular. Engrave the stars for a different effect.
$76.99 ea. 3 Star Oval Acrylic Award - Pricing

Acrylic Ribbon Award
Acrylic Ribbon Award Rainbow ribbon award is the perfect award or plaque for any award event. Rainbow colors and new for 2011 this acrylic plaque is sure to dazzle the recipient. The rainbow color effect makes this a very unique acrylic award.
$57.00 ea. Acrylic Ribbon Award - Pricing

Related Items
Acrylic Eagle Oval Award with Printed Eagle (SM)
The Arylic Eagle Oval Award, small size, soar on wings with printed Eagle, and are stunning acrylic awards.

Standard Laser Engraving is included with acrylic awards.

Additional Full Color Printing is available (addtional fees may apply).
$77.99 ea.Acrylic Eagle Oval Award with Printed Eagle (SM) - Pricing
Gold Star Tower Trophy Acrylic  Award
Acrylic Gold Star Acrylic Awards for any star event. Purchase the BRAND NEW Acrylic Gold Star Trophy Award Now!!
$112.25 ea.Gold Star Tower Trophy Acrylic  Award - Pricing
Beveled Summit Acrylic Award Plaque
This Acrylic Plaque is sure to wow your award recipient. Order this acrylic award plaque and we will include standard engraving for this plaque. Beautiful, exquisite the Beveled Summit Award the perfect acrylic award plaque.
$79.99 ea.Beveled Summit Acrylic Award Plaque - Pricing
New World Acrylic Awards
New World Acrylic Award has a great contemporary look for that person who deserves recognition. Encompassing a global shape make these acrylic awards a fine choice for that worldly traveler.

Don't wait, get it today!!!
$59.75 ea.New World Acrylic Awards - Pricing
Bubble Oval Acrylic Plaque
New Acrylic Bubble Oval Plaque comes with an acrylic base. This large acrylic plaque is perfect for your award event. Buy Now!
$69.75 ea.Bubble Oval Acrylic Plaque - Pricing
Acrylic Fluted Pillar Award
Stunning and perfect the Fluted Pillar Acrylic Award's facets will surely impress your pillar award recipient.
$97.25 ea.Acrylic Fluted Pillar Award - Pricing
Acrylic Awards Elegance
Elegant acrylic awards this is new for 2009. Very nice and contemporary and perfect for corporate recogniiton. We are very pleased to offer this unique new acrylic award. Color printing is available and standard laser engraving on acrylic awards is included.
$119.99 ea.Acrylic Awards Elegance - Pricing
Acrylic Flames Multi Step Acrylic Awards
Hot and perfect for any award event our acrylic awards fit the occasion for any corporate awards or recognition event.
$42.00 ea.Acrylic Flames Multi Step Acrylic Awards - Pricing
Stars and Stripes Award
Award for patriotic Americans - The Acrylic Stars & Stripes Award - Spirit of '76.
$76.50 ea.Stars and Stripes Award - Pricing
Acrylic Shooting Star Award
The carved star award or shooting star award is very popular for corporate and employee recognition. Our acrylic awards are the finest awards available.
$52.75 ea.Acrylic Shooting Star Award - Pricing
Faceted Wedge Acrylic Award
Available in 6 different bottom colors including: blue, gold, red, green, purple, black and colorless. Standard engraving includes up to 24 words and 4 lines.
$59.75 ea.Faceted Wedge Acrylic Award - Pricing
Spectrum Acrylic Awards
Rainbow Award Triangle

The Multi-Colored Acrylic Triangle Awards -- very unique set of acrylic awards.

Present this beautiful Acrylic Spectrum Award in Acrylic.
$49.75 ea.Spectrum Acrylic Awards - Pricing
Acrylic Step Flame Award
The acrylic flame award makes your corporate award event come to life. The award recipient will be very pleased. Available in 2 sizes and your choice of colored reflective bottom the acrylic flame award will burn for eternity. Order your trophy today!
$117.50 ea.Acrylic Step Flame Award - Pricing
Victory Steps Acrylic Award
Victory Steps Award - new and exciting acrylic awards for any venue. This award goes to the victor. Comes in two sizes and is perfect for Sports Awards or Corporate Awards.
$98.75 ea.Victory Steps Acrylic Award - Pricing
Crystal Clear Acrylic Award
Corporate Awards for employees & hard workers deserving recognition --Crystal Clear Acrylic Award is perfect! Recognize and reward efforts with this Acrylic Award.

Get it today!!!
$93.99 ea.Crystal Clear Acrylic Award - Pricing
Chipped Edge Acrylic Plaque
Acrylic plaque great for your desk or award receipient. This popular award is right for your award event.
$53.50 ea.Chipped Edge Acrylic Plaque - Pricing
Acrylic Sail Boat Award
Sail away on the acrylic sailboat award. Perfect for any employee who deserves recognition or your next corporate event. Excellent retirement award for sailing away into the sunset.
$99.25 ea.Acrylic Sail Boat Award - Pricing
Star Award Acrylic
Star Awards in Acrylic - High-quality awards in acryic.
$41.75 ea.Star Award Acrylic - Pricing
Acrylic Stars
Acrylic stars & trophy awards and other star trophies are inexpensive and work for many promotional or recognition award events, and our acrylic stars are available quickly and great for advertising.

The popular Acrylic Star includes standard engraving and we have other Acrylic Stars -- Award your star!
$23.20 ea.Acrylic Stars - Pricing
Mountain Peak - Acrylic Awards
Beveled Mountain Peak Acrylic Awards are perfect for corporate award events or company golf tournament awards and other venues requiring acrylic awards.

Mountain Peak Awards - Acrylic awards for golfing winners!
$124.25 ea.Mountain Peak - Acrylic Awards - Pricing
Acrylic Nameplate
Desktop nameplates like awards are made of cast acrylic. Like many of our acrylic awards, this item is available with clear or colored bottom edge. Custom sizes for large quantities - contact for quote.
$44.75 ea.Acrylic Nameplate - Pricing
Wave Acrylic Awards
Acrylic Wave Award - Make a splash with this acrylic award or choose from our selection of other wave awards and similar awards.
$55.25 ea.Wave Acrylic Awards - Pricing
Flag Acrylic Plaque Award
American Flag Award Plaque - Brand New Award from Clear Cut Awards!!! Full color printed acrylic plaque perfect for Americans. Laser engrave your text below the full color printed image.
$84.50 ea.Flag Acrylic Plaque Award - Pricing
Acrylic Plaques - Fluted
Economically priced Acrylic Plaques, this acrylic plaque is a popular plaque award.

Our acrylic plaques are made of crystal clear acrylic and are available in different colored lower edges.

Employee Recognition with acrylic plaques from Clear Cut Acrylic Awards.
$30.25 ea.Acrylic Plaques - Fluted - Pricing
Acrylic Star Topped Tower Awards
Reward your star with the Star Tower Acrylic Trophy. Place that corporate performer in high regard with a lofty boost.

Acrylic awards for Achievement, Awards for Stars - Award your corporate star in acrylic today.
$67.49 ea.Acrylic Star Topped Tower Awards - Pricing
Acrylic Plaques - Scalloped
Acrylic plaques and acrylic awards for those deserving corporate recognition and acknowledgement.

Award your employees with acrylic plaques!
$59.99 ea.Acrylic Plaques - Scalloped - Pricing
Acrylic Award Plaque
Inexpensive acrylic award plaques priced to sell. Customize this acrylic plaque for your award receiver. Purchase this acrylic award plaque.
$27.99 ea.Acrylic Award Plaque - Pricing
Faceted Mountain Cut Acrylic Award
The Mountain-Cut Acrylic Award is a large award and very nice. Your awardee will appreciate receiving this award. Let us be your shop for acrylic awards.
$95.75 ea.Faceted Mountain Cut Acrylic Award - Pricing
Brand New Acrylic Awards for 2008!

Many new awards and trophies to choose from. Checkout our New Spectrum Award--multi-colored and brilliant. Dazzle your recognized person with this exquisite rainbow colored acrylic award.
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